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SILVERRUN BPM Business Process Modeler
(DFD Data Flow Diagrammer) -
Tool for Business, Organizational and Technical Process Modeling

The professional SILVERRUN process architecture tools can be run on all Windows platforms and are available in versions for local installations and for floating use in networks.

SILVERRUN BPM Business Process Modeler (formerly: SILVERRUN DFD Data Flow Diagrammer) is a powerful business process modeling tool for documenting and analyzing the workflow as well as for integrating the perspective of business tasks with the enterprise data architecture.

With SILVERRUN BPM Business Process Modeler, you can attach data structures to your information flows so that underlying data is captured with process information and carried through to a conceptual, logical or physical data model.

Additionally, external entities and relationships, or whole data models can be attached to processes, flows and data stores to represent, redesign and manage an entire organization's information and activity infrastructure.

SILVERRUN BPM Business Process Modeler supports enterprise business process modeling with a multi-user online repository. Powerful split and merge mechanisms facilitate dividing a process model into logical sections that allow modelers to design independently and then put their work together.

SILVERRUN BPM Business Process Modeler process tree diagrams present an overview of the hierarchical organization of business processes.

3 Steps to
Professional Business Process Modeling

1. Contact us for more in-depth information.

2. Download the tryout or receive a complete trial free of charge.

3. Rent or purchase your SILVERRUN BPM license.

Overview of Major Features

Flexible Modeling Environment

  • Offers graphical qualifiers for greater model readability.
  • Allows extension of the repository with user-defined descriptors.

Business Process Modeling

  • Provides modeling your enterprise's organization and business.
  • Supports process cost, resource, duration and frequency modeling and management.
  • Assigns resources and cost to business processes.
  • Consolidates low level process costs and resource usage to higher levels.
  • Supports multi-level modeling (i.e. explosion of processes).
  • Supports multiple notations and methodologies (e.g. Gane-Sarson, Yourdon, Ward-Mellor, Merise MCT, Merise Flow Schema, Merise OOM, P+, P+ OPAL).
  • Provides cross reference reports for resource usage, cost/time allocation and roll-up providing comprehensive business process analysis.
  • Presents an overview of the hierarchical organization of processes as a process tree diagram.

Enterprise Modeling

  • Integrates models with SILVERRUN RDM (Relational Data Modeler) and SILVERRUN ERX (Entity Relationship Expert).
  • Provides unlimited levels of diagrams or objects in a diagram.
  • Supports teamwork through splitting and merging models.
  • Features complete repository to store diagram information.
  • Can be used with a network team repository (Enterprise Series).
  • Generates full model documentation.
  • Offers relational support for queries and report generation on a variety of RDBMs.
  • Supports all Windows platforms.
  • Offers an open environment.
  • Is scalable to your needs from file-based stand-alone versions to team-repository-based floating network licenses.
  • Has the capability of adding application extensions ("Add-Ins").
  • Generates customizable HTML and RTF reports.

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